Waltheria bahamensis Britton

The Flora and Ethnobotany of Cat Island, Bahamas
Willard Sherman Turrell Herbarium (MU)
Spccics	¡Valtheria bahamensis	Au: Britt.
Family	Sterculiaceae
Common Name Sometimes refered to as Miss Kelly, but W. indica is more
commonly called this.
Herb with maroonish foliage and yellow flowers.
location/I labital
Collection No
On a trail that starts at (he Old Farm lid. (which starts at the Old Bight
Highschool and stops at the main road and road to the Greenwood
Development). Trail runs to the southwest. Plants found cultivated in a
garden area.
24°12’73”N	Longitude 75°2T 19" W
if used like W. indica, the plant is boiled in water and decoction drunk to
clean a mother out after she gives birth. Also taken to clear bruises and
one added it to bush tea which promotes longevity, strength, fertility,
sexual arousal, etc.
Laurel R. Richey
99-670 Duplicates 5 Date November 20, 1999
Plants Dried Using a Kerosene Heater
Vouchers for I.aure! Richey's PhD Dissertation