Vernonia gigantea (Walter) Trel.

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    Vernonia gigantea (Walter) Trel.

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    NY Barcode: 02423917

    Occurrence ID: dc85b972-b6d5-4684-a224-b3b5f2e8ef95

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^ 1%
Plants of KENTUCKY, U.S.A.
Vernonia gigantea (Walter) Branner & Coville
MASON CO.: 2.4 mi NNE of Rectorville, along
Cabin Creek at its crossing by route 1443, just N
of its junction with Spring Creek Road,
38°36’33”N, 83°37’49”W (GPS, datum: WGS 84).
Lightly shaded, mesic edge of deciduous forest on
Material removed for DNA analysis	floodplain; frequent.
J. Richard Abbott (NY) &
Kurt M. Neubig (SIU), 2015	Robert F. C. Naczi 14330	3 August 2012