Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' Koidz.

  • Filed As

    Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa' Koidz.

  • Collector(s)

    J. Hartling 45277, 9/28/17

  • Location

    United States of America. New York. Bronx Co. Nurseries. [=New York Botanical Garden?].

  • Collection Notes

    Cultivated. Original from: Pl. Ind. 1917 #22450.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 2453774

    Occurrence ID: a7c7b941-9280-45be-b0a9-054af773f822

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  • Region

    North America

  • Country

    United States of America

  • State/Province

    New York

  • County/Municipio

    Bronx Co.

  • Locality

    Nurseries. [=New York Botanical Garden?]

  • Georeferencing Method

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  • Distribution

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