Eschweilera Mart. ex DC.

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  • Collector(s)

    S. Sakagawa 285 with J. R. Mesquita & K. M. Silva, 19 Apr 2007

  • Location

    Brazil. Amazonas. Presidente Figueiredo Mun. Rebio Uatumã, grade do PPBio.

  • Description

    Phenology of specimen: Sterile.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 879161

    Occurrence ID: 2d51562e-b5d9-4854-a65e-0d600b44be5a

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  • Region

    South America

  • Country


  • State/Province


  • County/Municipio

    Presidente Figueiredo Mun.

  • Locality

    Rebio Uatumã, grade do PPBio.

  • Coordinates

    -1.80376, -59.2518

  • Coordinate Uncertainty (m)


  • Georeferencing Method

    BioGeomancer, Guide to Best Practices for Georefer. Located coord. of the geogr. center of REBIO Uatumã ( Measured from coord. to farthest extent of the reserve to find the linear extent (3600 m). Input into MaNIS Georef. Calc. to find the uncert. radius.

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