Lamium purpureum L.

  • Filed As

    Lamium purpureum L.

  • Collector(s)

    J. Torrey s.n. with Collected in company with Dr. Arnott, 1833

  • Location

    United Kingdom. Scotland. Near Lochleven Castle [Perth and Kinross local authority area.

  • Collection Notes

    Stamped: Torrey Herbarium

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 02206825

    Occurrence ID: 6746af6c-27fb-48d2-9189-7f670e24fae4

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  • All Determinations

    Lamium purpureum L. det D. E. Atha, 2014

    Lamium det L. Raz

  • Region


  • Country

    United Kingdom

  • State/Province


  • Locality

    Near Lochleven Castle [Perth and Kinross local authority area

  • Location Notes

    John Torrey was in Scotland in 1833, probably sometime between March and May. On P. 107 of "John Torrey, A Story of North American Botany" by A. D. Rodgers, III, 1942, a letter of his to Rafinesque is quoted: "...I was a week with Arnott on the shore of Lochleven..." verified by M. Rubin, May, 2014

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