Carphephorus odoratissimus (J.F.Gmel.) H.J.-C.Hebert

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    Carphephorus odoratissimus (J.F.Gmel.) H.J.-C.Hebert

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    NY Barcode: 2031049

    Occurrence ID: 8a817cb7-5eba-46ab-8bad-ad157a1cf53a

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The New York

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Wellesley College
Herbarium (WELCJ
Donated to NY in 1988

Curtiss’ Second Distribution of Plants of the Southern
United States.

No. 6229.

Trilisa odoratissima . Cass.

Border of swamp near St. Augustine, Fla.

A. H. Curtiss.	September 12, 1898.