Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene

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    Doellingeria infirma (Michx.) Greene

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    NY Barcode: 1823717

    Occurrence ID: 79fd4e0d-dc9a-47e4-86bc-e7ace609242d

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Georgia Plants

Aster infirmus Michaux

Det.: Gerald L. Smith, 19Ö3

Cohutta Wildlife Management Area. About
8 mi E of Eton, along West Cowpens Road
to FS 17. NE of Grassy Mountain. Rays
whitei discs white, do not turn red.

w/ A. Danielle Coile

Nancy C. Coile 3360	1 n .

The University of Georgia	P Ìsffiens; G&?§^.A.