Zizaniopsis miliacea (Michx.) Döll & Asch.

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    Zizaniopsis miliacea (Michx.) Döll & Asch.

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    NY Barcode: 1823342

    Occurrence ID: f9f63eb3-a43a-4151-a330-1c4679363ef9

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Harvard University, Gray Herbarium (GH)


Zizaniopsis miliacea (Michx.) Döll & Asch.

Herbs forming large clumps, stems to 7ft tall,
locally common, leaves standing above panicles.
Growing at a marshy forest margin, in füll sun in
standing water & mud, with Alternanthera
philoxeroides, Fraxinus caroliniana, Mikania
scandens, Nyssa ogeche (?), Planera aquatica,
Polygonum sp., Salix nigra, Saururus cernuus &
Taxodium distichum. Along the east side of the
Apalachicola River, in a cleared area beside the
Fort Gadsden Historic Site. Apalachicola National
Forest, Franklin Co. Elev. about 5ft. 29° 56'
18.5"N, 85° 00' 43.5"W. UTM 16 691867E,

331363 IN (NAD83/WGS84).

Coll. Doug Goldman #3910
28 March 2007