Festuca trachyphylla (Hack.) Krajina

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    Festuca trachyphylla (Hack.) Krajina

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    NY Barcode: 1775964

    Occurrence ID: 85f0de98-ff16-4844-a34e-85fe604cac61

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The New York
Botanical Garden
Festuca trachyphylla (Hackel) Krajina
Syn: F. longifolia Thuill
Syn: F^. ovlna var. duriuscula
Det.: S.G. Aiken
^ • mz.
Plants of California
Fbstuca ovlna L*
Det. by Doug Le Doux
Wind blown ridge, with spruce
and Douglas fir, 0.4 mi W of
Flasket Meadow campground.
New York Botanical Garden
Co. Glenn
Coll. P* Kenney, Dunn & Conrad
No. 470
Date June 7» 1973 alt. ca. 6200’