Tamarindus indica L.

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    Tamarindus indica L.

OCR>>>Family: Fabaccac Name: Tamarindus indù
Grenada. St. George. Point Salines, bluff near the Aquarium restaurant. 0.5 km NW of the Point Saline: airport.
12°()()' N. 64°49' W
Small pollarded tree to 30 cm d.b.h.. with long spreading slightly pendulous branches and an irregular sprawling crown to 10 m height.
Twigs greenish, stronglv zig-zaged. later rougher, brown and with more obvious lenticels on upper side.
Flowers: calyx ?imbricate. petals 3, yellow streaked with red veins, copious nectar at base of petals.
Unripe pale yellow-brown pods indented between seeds, curved and covered in small scales.
RHS colour code: Leaf upper =137A, below-138 A)
Collector: Hawthorne. W. D.. Hughes. C. E. & Wise. R. Number: 125
21 November 1999 I HO<<<OCR