Epiphyllum phyllanthus (L.) Haw.

  • Filed As

    Epiphyllum phyllanthus (L.) Haw.

  • Collector(s)

    J. G. Jack 5302, 18 Aug 1927

  • Location

    Cuba. Soledad, cienfuegos.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 1495745

    Occurrence ID: da1a72b1-fa5d-4b7f-a99f-fa12e656105e

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  • Region

    West Indies

  • Country


  • Locality

    Soledad, cienfuegos

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Epipyllum oxyp^alum (DC* j\Haw*
(Hiyllooaotus latifrons I^nk)
Leaf cactus*
Climbing into trees*
FIs* white, stigoaa yellow*
No. 5302*
Collected for the Arnold Arboretum AUfTUSt 18
by J. G. Jack.	* 1927.