Cynophalla amplissima (Lam.) Iltis & Cornejo

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    Cynophalla amplissima (Lam.) Iltis & Cornejo

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    NY Barcode: 01378056

    Occurrence ID: 77fb94a6-576a-427b-87ef-dd4b312666b1

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OCR>>>Correct as determined.
Det. by Hugh H. Iltis, 1994 University of Wisconsin-Madison
The New York Botanical Garden Plants of U.S. Virgin Islands
N° 29328
Capparis amplissima Lam.
Det. R.O. Woodbury, 1984
Coral Bay at turn off for Salt Pond.
Tree 24cm x 13cm diameter; fruit green.
G.T. Prance, S.A. Mori, J. Earhart,
A.E. Prance & R.O. Woodbury June 16, 1984<<<OCR