Thunbergia erecta (Benth.) T.Anderson

  • Filed As

    Thunbergia erecta (Benth.) T.Anderson

  • Collector(s)

    M. J. Balick 2278 with R. Arvigo, G. Shropshire, S. Matola & the class of NYBG Bot 940, 24 Jan 1990

  • Location

    Belize. Cayo. Nabatunich, near Sukkotz.

  • Habitat

    Dooryard garden of Isobel and Juana Xix. Common.

  • Description

    Shrub to 1.5m; flowers purple-blue.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 87660

    Occurrence ID: 2ece34c6-378d-4851-a434-1f3125f69df9

  • Related Publications

    [Book] Balick, Michael J. & Arvigo, Rosita. 2015. Messages from the gods: a guide to the useful plants of Belize. xii + 539 pp.
    Notes: p. 168

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  • Region

    Central America

  • Country


  • State/Province


  • Locality

    Nabatunich, near Sukkotz

  • Coordinates

    17.1, -89

  • Distribution

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