Lysiloma sabicu Benth.

  • Filed As

    Lysiloma sabicu Benth.

  • Collector(s)

    D. S. Correll 49703 with Ruben Sauleda, J. E. Eckenwalder, D. S. Stevenson, & Gladys Fehling., 08 May 1978

  • Location

    Bahamas. North Andros. North Andros. Just east of Red Bays.

  • Habitat

    In coppice.

  • Description

    Trees with slender trunks to 1.5 dm thick, about 10 m tall; flowers white. Phenology of specimen: Flower.

  • Identifiers

    NY Barcode: 01160276

    Occurrence ID: 37a1f874-e418-47ed-bc91-94b9ace38947

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  • All Determinations

    Lysiloma sabicu Benth.
    Note: ! S. Turnbull, Feb. 1999.

  • Region

    West Indies

  • Country


  • State/Province

    North Andros

  • Locality

    North Andros. Just east of Red Bays.

  • Distribution

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