Cynophalla amplissima (Lam.) Iltis & Cornejo

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    Cynophalla amplissima (Lam.) Iltis & Cornejo

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    NY Barcode: 01037491

    Occurrence ID: c5daa00b-d83d-4a74-bde2-8959012798bf

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^ Puerto Kico: Municipio de Coamo:
Greater Antilles
Papparis amplissima Lam. ssp. amplissima
(C. por tori Urban)
Small, densely leary, weaK-stemmed tree, with
3 trunks, the largest ca 18 cm, 5 m tail,
with long, weak, hanging branches; sepals and
petals greenish, but petals white at lower
1/3, very similar to those of C. flexuosa
(s.s) on St. Eustatius, but emarginate
(distinctly notched) and when mature not only
curved back upon themselves but often rolled
(curled) backwards. Stamens white, 108, .116,
122, or 126/flw.
Flowers open fully by 7 p.m., by which time
the stamens have straignted and diverged (but
unlike C. flexuosa, where stamina! funnels
form an arc [vector] of 60-70 ) the staminal
funnel spread out to fully 170 (in lateral
view)) with sweet odor (not as strong as in
0. flexuosa).
Tree now with many fruits, from almost fully
matxire to young, mostly past flower now (very
few in young bud), the flowering period
probably to be completed within a week.
One tree only, in shade of a small Ceiba
pentandra and Guazuma ulmifolia on edge of a
maize field.
N-side of Hwy 160 (just before km 16 post in
corner of Hwy 160 and dirt road) at Barrio
Sta. Catalina de Coamo, ca 10(?) km W of
Coamo, only 10 m E of jet of Hwy 160 & Hwy
663. 18°06130“N, 66 24'30“W.
Hugh H. IltiS	NO.: 30306
09 June 1989<<<OCR