A. F. M. Glaziou

  • Name

    Auguste F. M. Glaziou

  • Dates

    1828 - 1906

  • Specialities

    Spermatophytes, Bryophytes, Lichens

  • Roles

    Author, Determiner, Collector

  • Movement Details

    France, Brazil

  • Notes

    Collected in Brazil (R. de J., Minas G., Goyaz, Esp. Santo (1861-95): A, B, BM, BORD, BR, BRG, BRSL, C, CM, COLU, F, FI, G, GH, H, K, L, LE, MA, MICH, MO, MPA, NY, P, PC, PG, R, RB, S, SP, STR, U, UPS, US, W
    Herbário Centro de Pesquisa do Cacau

    See, about pteridophytes types at herb. P:
    Cremers, G. & M. Boudrie. 2013. Glaziou's pteridophyte collection at the Paris Herbarium. Fern Gaz. 19(5): 165-180.
    (includes specimens from Appun that were given to Glaziou and incorporated within Glaziou's numbering system).

  • Collections

    Botanical Collections