M. A. Curtis

  • Name

    Moses A. Curtis

  • Dates

    1808 - 1872

  • Specialities

    Algae, Mycology, Spermatophytes

  • Roles

    Author, Collector

  • Movement Details

    United States of America, North Carolina, South Carolina

  • Notes

    Author Notes: KSC
    Collector Notes: North Carolina: FH (orig.), BRU, CN, GH, K, LY, MO, NY, P, P-DU, PH, US
    Author Notes: Herbarium and types: FH; duplicates at BRU, K, MAINE, NEW, NY
    Reference: Arthur & Cummins Manual of Rusts in US & Canada; Author of Plant Names and NYPC barcode 796024; Authors of Plant Names. 1992; NY barcode 429105, Ilex amelanchier; Possible Type (NY # 25084) Carex aestivalis; Index Herbariorum - Collectors A-D; rhynchospora divergens, Possible type NY bar-code 51384; TL2

  • Collections

    Botanical Collections