A. F. Regnell

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    Anders F. Regnell

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    8 Jun 1807 - 12 Sep 1884

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    Author, Collector

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    Sweden, Brazil

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    Author Notes: Herbarium and types: S, duplicates widely distributed
    Collector Notes: S (Regnelian collections, incl. col. by G. A. Linderb, S. E. Henscher, C. W. H. Mosen & J. F. Widgren). Lichen herbarium: S; Brazil (Minas Gerais & Sao Paulo, col. ± 1841-74): B, BHMG, BP, BR, C, DPU, E, F, FI, G, GH, GOET, H, HAL, K, LCU, LD, LE, M, NY, O, P, PC, R, S, U, UPS, US, W, WRSL, WU, Z; Sweden: E, S

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    Anders Fredrik Regnell
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    Anders Regnell
    Anders Regnell
    Born June 8 1807
    Died September 19, 1818 (This date is in disagreement with what is in the text)
    Nationality Sweden
    Fields botany
    Alma mater University of Uppsala
    Anders Fredrik Regnell (8 June 1807 – 12 September 1884) was a Swedish physician and botanist. He studied in Uppsala and received his medical doctorate in 1837. As a student he served as assistant to Anders Retzius in Stockholm. He served in various capacities at the Serafimerlasarettet in Stockholm, and participated as ship surgeon aboard the corvette "Jarramas” on its expedition in the Mediterranean Sea during 1839-40.
    Regnell was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but because of poor health, he suffered from a serious lung disease. He left Sweden for Brazil in 1840 and settled in Caldas, in the province of Minas Gerais, where he spent the rest of his life. There Regnell acquired considerable reputation as a practicing physician and consequently a substantial fortune.
    Regnell made substantial collections of plants which he sent to Europe, in particular to Scandinavian museums. He also studied the Brazilian fauna and made extensive geological and meteorological observations.
    Having accumulated considerable wealth, he financially supported several European botanists and donated large sums to various scientific institutions at home. He bequeathed his estate to the University of Uppsala.
    The standard author abbreviation Regnell is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name.[1]

    The genera Regnellia Barb.Rodr. (Orchidaceae) and Regnellidium Lindm. (Marsileaceae) as well as many species were named in his honor.
    Regnell was an honorary member of the Learned Societies of Uppsala and Gothenburg, and of the Swedish and Uppsala Medical Associations. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Uppsala in 1877.
    Regnell died in Caldas, Brazil, and is buried in Uppsala’s old cemetery. In 1903 a memorial monument was dedicated to him Caldas, Brazil. In Uppsala, was named The building housing the institutions of physiology and pathology of the University of Uppsala is named Regnelleanum,

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    This article is based in part on material from the Swedish version.
    K.V. Ossian Dahlgren Anders Fredrik Regnell and his Swedish guests in Brazil. Svensk. Botan. Tidskr. 56:3,1962.

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