H. H. Smith

  • Name

    Herbert H. Smith

  • Dates

    1852 - 1919

  • Specialities

    Spermatophytes, Bryophytes, Lichens

  • Roles

    Author, Collector

  • Movement Details

    Brazil, Colombia (Santa Marta), United States of America, Grenada, Martinique, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

  • Notes

    Author Notes: Collected large sets of specimens of plants in Colombia ca. 1900, widely distributed. Also collected many other natural history objects
    Collector Notes: A, B, BM, BPI?, BR, BRU, CAL, CM, COL, DAO, DPU, E, F, G, GENT, GH, K, L, LE, MA, MANCH, MEDEL, MO, NY (incl. orig. from Santa Marta), O, P, PH, R, S, U, US, US, VT, W

  • Collections

    Botanical Collections