F. J. Fernández Casas

  • Name

    Francisco Javier Fernández Casas

  • Dates

    1945 -

  • Specialities

    Spermatophytes, Phanerogams, Mediterranean flora, especially Centaurea, Asteraceae, and Narcissus, Amaryllidaceae, African flora, especially Fernando Póo, neotropical flora, especially Cnisoscolus, Euphorbiaceae

  • Roles

    Author, Collector, Determiner

  • Movement Details

    Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Guinea, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Paraguay, Peru

  • Notes

    Herbarium and types: MA.;
    B, BCN, BM, C, COI, CTES, G, GDA, K, MA, MO, NY
    Collector Notes: Col. with J. Molero

  • Collections

    Botanical Collections