C. F. Baker

  • Name

    Charles F. Baker

  • Dates

    1872 - 1927

  • Specialities

    Algae, Mycology, Spermatophytes, Bryophytes

  • Roles

    Author, Collector, Determiner

  • Movement Details

    United States of America, Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines, Cuba, Malaya

  • Notes

    Collected: Brazil (Para, 1908): B, F, GH, IAC, K, L, MO, POM, US;
    Colombia (1895-1898): MICH;
    Cuba (1904-1907; often w/ others): A, GH, NY & widely distributed;
    Nicaragua (1895-1899, 1903): A, B, GH, K, L, MICH, MO, P, US;
    Philippines (1912-1917) & Malay Peninsula (1917-1927): B, G, K, KEP, NY, OTB, PNH, S, SING, US, W;
    United States: widely distributed;
    A few labels from Colorado, 1896 note him as Carl F. Baker;
    Nevada (1902): NY;
    Colorado (1899, 1901): NY;
    California (1902): NY.
    Herbarium and types: POM; duplicates widely distributed.

  • Collections

    Botanical Collections