Exploring the Bahamas with Lewis Jones Knight Brace

Sep 19 2019


The Bahamas suffered its worst natural disaster recently as Hurricane Dorian, a…

By Matthew C. Pace

George Washington Carver

Feb 5 2019


George Washington Carver (1860s–1943) was an inventor, teacher, botanist, and mycologist (a…

By Amy Weiss

Good grief, Charles Geyer

Mar 1 2019


Charles (Karl) A. Geyer was a pioneer botanical collector of the Northwestern…

By Amy Weiss

J. K. Small and the changing Florida landscape

Apr 21 2019

People had been living in Florida for centuries, but there is little…

By Amy Weiss

J. K. Small's exploration in Southern Florida, 1915

Apr 21 2019


John Kunkel Small, botanist and herbarium curator at the the New York Botanical…

By Amy Weiss

James Lendemer

Mar 21 2019


James Lendemer is one of the youngest curators at the New York…

By Laura Briscoe

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