Opuscula Philolichenum

ISSN 1941 - 7519 (printed) / 1941-7527 (online)

Opuscula Philolichenum is intended to serve as a venue for the publication of small works in the field of lichenology (including lichenicolous fungi and non-lichenized fungi traditionally treated with lichens). The central goal of the journal is to provide timely publication, in a professional format, free of charge to authors and readers. While the journal focuses on topics relating to the lichen biota of North America this is by no means exclusive and manuscripts on other topics will be considered as the table of contents of the present issue clearly illustrates.

When the journal began publication in 2004 it was among the first serials to take advantage of the internet when publishing new botanical nomenclatural acts. The journal was conceived as a primarily electronic one, available on-line free of charge, with a limited print run to satisfy the requirements for effective publication established under the International Code for Botanical Nomenclature. Since that time we have continued to publish the journal in this manner, printing one or two issues a year, with each issue consisting of approximately between one and two hundred pages.

Manuscripts are published electronically on-line in PDF/A format immediately following the approval of the authors in the post-review proof stage. The PDF issued online is considered to be the final version (= version of record) and the date on which the PDF is posted is considered to be the date of effective publication. In order to aid future workers the date of effective publication for each manuscript is provided in the table of contents. When a new manuscript is published online a record is also simultaneously transmitted to the organizers of Recent Literature on Lichens for inclusion in that database. It is also sent to Scopus for indexing.

Authors wishing to submit a manuscript for publication in Opuscula Philolichenum should contact the editor prior to submission to confirm that the paper conforms to the mission of the journal (outlined above). Manuscript submissions should be left unformatted and authors should consult a recent issue of Opuscula Philolichenum for style. All submissions are subjected to review by at least two peer reviewers and, following acceptance are formatted by the editor.

For additional information, please contact the editor.