During the 2017 project to upgrade Index Herbariorum, we attempted to contact every herbarium in the index that was already not indicated as closed but had not updated its record for ten years or more. We were not able to contact all herbaria. If you can provide a contact for an herbarium, or any information on its status, please send this information to Barbara M. Thiers, Editor of Index Herbariorum,, or use the comment function in the record for that herbarium.


Herbaria can now update their own information in the index. To access the editable form of the record: search for the record to be updated, and select “Edit” at the top of the form. 

  • To edit the record for an existing person record: Go to the person’s record through the institutional page, or search for that person directly from the person search on the on the IH home page. Click on that person’s name to bring up their record, and click on the ‘edit’ button to view the editable version. Make any needed edits. 
  • For people that that are no longer on staff, select “Retired” or “Deceased” as their status. If a person is indicated as “Primary Correspondent” or “Secondary Correspondent,” their name will appear on the institution page. Changing the values in these fields from “Yes” to “No” will remove the person from appearing on this page. 
  • To create a new record for a person: To register a New Staff Member you can either follow this link: Or go to a record for any other person and select “Create New” at the top of the page. This will provide a new person record and will not write over the information of the person searched. 
  • Do not create a record for a new person by writing over an existing record with information about a new person. The information about the new person will not display properly on the web if you do that.
  • When creating a record for a new person, be sure to enter the herbarium code exactly, or the new person’s record will be appear online.
  • All updates and new registrations will be provisional until reviewed and accepted by the Editor, and will not appear online until accepted. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: A new herbarium registration will not be accepted unless at least one Staff Member record is created for the Correspondent for the herbarium. Please create Staff Member records for all staff associated with the collection


New Herbaria can self-register for Index Herbariorum. The recommended procedure for doing so is as follows: 

  1. Select a code for your herbarium that is six or fewer letters – no numbers or other symbols. Test to be sure your code is not already in use by searching for it in the Index.
  2. Download the registration form document and the Index Herbariorum Registration Form Example. Gather all the data you will need to complete the form online – we recommend that you put the data in the form and circulate to other staff to obtain all needed updates at one time. 
  3. Once the registration form document is complete, transfer this information to the online registration form.  You do not need to send the registration form to the IH Editor; it is for your convenience in gathering the information needed for the form.

Register a New Herbarium

Register a New Staff Member

All updates and new registrations will be provisional until reviewed and accepted by the Editor, and will not appear online until accepted.