Tebiwa Herbarium

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    Tebiwa Herbarium

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    Email: clevebdavis@gmail.com

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    144 Ross Fork Creek Road #12
    Native s
    Tebiwa Herbarium
    144 Ross Fork Creek Road #12
    Pocatello, Idaho 83202

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    Taxonomic Coverage: The focal point of the Tebiwa Herbarium is to establish a comprehensive collection of vascular plants, lichens, bryophytes, and fungi utilized and appreciated by the Davis Newe family and ancestors. The Newe are the Indigenous peoples whose ancestral homeland spanned portions of the Snake, Yellowstone, Bear, and Salmon River watersheds (USA) and beyond.

    Geography: Ancestral homelands of the Newe

  • Notes

    Entered March 2020. At the Tebiwa Herbarium we strive to include Panakwate (Bannock) and Sosoni (Shoshone) language names and uses on specimen labels. The Herbarium also houses collections of vascular plant associates of the peyote cactus (Lophophora williamsii), as well as vascular plants and biological soil crusts from the Palouse Prairie in northern Idaho and southeastern Washington. Access and use of the Tebiwa Herbarium is by appointment only.

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  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Bryophytes 25 25
    Fungi/Lichens 35 35
    Seed Plants 329 329
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    C Davis