Iranian Biological Resource Center

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    Iranian Biological Resource Center

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    Alireza Dolatyari, Herbarium Curator,

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    [98] 26 92108981
    Fax: [98] 26 92108965

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    Iranian Biological Resource Center Herbarium
    Plant Bank
    Iranian Biological Resource Center
    Km 45 Tehran-Qazvin freeway, ACECR
    Karaj, Alborz 365166571

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: Especially vascular plants of two large families, Asteraceae () and Amaryllidaceae ()

    Geography: Iran

  • Notes

    Although only several years passed from the establishment of our Herbarium, we have actively tried to collect and document Iranian plant specimens over the past decade, especially vascular plants of the two large families, Asteraceae (genus Artemisia) and Amaryllidaceae (genus Allium). What is remarkable about our activities is that beside each Herbarium voucher we tried to collect also seed or living materials. Currently all these materials are preserved under optimal conditions in herbarium cabinets (dried sheets), refrigerators and/or freezers (usually seeds) or under cultivation in our living collections (bulbous or rhizomatous plants). We devoted an extra code (IBRC code) than herbarium numbers to each specimen to link easily different types of collected materials. Hitherto, our team had more than 300 working days mission our country wide to collect both herbarium and living material of special Iranian flora. In parallel to our Center policy, we are going to raise continuously our collections inventories. Recently, we decided to gradually digitize our determined and labeled sheets and put them available via internet. Interested researchers can see so far prepared specimens online via this internet address:

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

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    Seed Plants 10000
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  • Associated Institution

    Three Living collections: collection of around 650 Iranian Allium accessions, A research collection of about 350 rhizomatous and bulbous plants, several greenhouses

  • Important Collectors

    Y. Ajani, E. Aryakia, A. Dolatyari, H. Moazzeni, H. Ramezani, A. Talebi, K. Hazrati, S. Abdollahi