Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin

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    Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin

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    Jean Hivert, Project Manager (Scattered Islands),
    Johnny Férard, Field Botanist,

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    [262] 692097848
    Fax: [262] 262 24 85 63

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    Herbiers de La Réunion (Reunion Is.) et des îles Éparses (Scattered Islands)
    Conservatoire Botanique National de Mascarin
    2 rue du Père Georges, les Colimaçons
    Saint-Leu 97436
    île de La Réunion

  • Specialty

    Geography: île de La Réunion (Reunion island) ; îles Eparses (Scattered islands : Europa, Juan de Nova, Les Glorieuses, Tromelin)

  • Notes

    Updated Nov 2018 (specimen total). Herbaria of Reunion island and of the Scattered Islands are hosted within the CBNM based in Reunion island. They contain samples of terrestrial vascular plants collected in different islands of the western Indian Ocean: Reunion, Europa, Juan de Nova, Glorioso and Tromelin. Among these are 5 308 specimens from Reunion Island and 2 887 from the Scattered Islands. Formal partnerships were established since 2014 with the National Museum of Natural History (P, Paris, France) and with the Missouri Botanical Garden (MO, Saint Louis, USA). In 2019, new partnerships have been created with the herbaria of Mayotte (MAO), Geneve (G) and Madagascar (TAN). These herbaria are completed by samples preserved in alcohol, by seed banks and by a collection in silica gel. Since July 2016, data from the herbarium of the Scattered Islands are available online on Tropicos® (search by typing \\\'CBNM\\\' in the name of Senior Collector).

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    Seed Plants
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    P; MO; MAO; G; TAN; BRLU

  • Important Collectors

    P. Anxionnaz, L. Baqué, J. Beaurepaire, V. Boullet, A. Chauvrat, G. Dicque, B. Dufour, B. Dumeau, J. Férard, C. Fontaine, L. D. B. Gigord, J. Hivert, M. Hoareau, M. Lacoste, C. Lavergne, B. Mallet, F. Picot, A. Rhumeur, T. Rochier, E. Vallez