University of Helsinki

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    University of Helsinki

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    Marko Hyvärinen, Director,
    Henry Väre, Senior Curator of Phanerogams and Algae,
    Sanna Laaka-Lindberg, Collection coordinator of Bryophytes,
    Leena Myllys, Curator of Lichens,
    Xiaolan He, Curator of Bryophytes,
    Otto Miettinen, Curator of Fungi,

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    [358] 02941911

  • Address

    Botany Unit
    Finnish Museum of Natural History
    University of Helsinki
    P.O. Box 7
    University of Helsinki 00014


    FI 004

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: All groups; Bryophytes and lichens also strong in collections; Fungi also strong in aphyllophoroid and agaricoid groups as well as in smut fungi, powdery mildews and mycetozoa. Other specialties include apomictic phanerogams (Hieracium, Taraxacum, Ranunculus auricomus agg.), Cyperaceae and Chenopodiaceae. Also collections of wood, seeds, cones, and cultivated ornamental plants, including those collected in Kaisaniemi and Kumpula Botanic Garden

    Geography: Worldwide, especially Fennoscandia (incl. NW Russia) and other areas of boreal and temperate Europe, Asia and North America; Japan, China, Australasia, New Guinea, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and many other tropical areas

  • Notes

    Most early collections of H destroyed by fire in 1827.Herb. Erik Acharius (lichens), Herb. V. F. Brotherus (extra-European mosses), Herb. William Nylander (lichens), Herb. S. O. Lindberg (bryophytes), Herb. Aino Henssen (lichens), and many published exsiccata housed as separate collections. Specimens in Herb. Acharius not available for loan. Secretariat of committee for mapping the flora of Europe (Atlas Florae Europaeae) at H. H is part of Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki.

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  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 25836
    Bryophytes 622216 58998
    Fungi/Lichens 929660 201764
    Pteridophytes 94751 42256 31389
    Seed Plants 1718657 930274 491745
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  • Associated Institution

    Associated garden: Botanic Garden, University of Helsinki.

  • Incorporated Herbaria

    HEL (55 000 specimens) in 2009;
    HFR (60,000 specimens in 2016);
    HPP (26 685 specimens);
    HSI (70 500 specimens) in 2000;
    KYM (12 000 specimens);

  • Important Collectors

    E. Acharius (H-ACH), T. Ahti, P. Alanko, R. Bäck, A. L. Backman, W. Bell, M. Brenner, S. E. Bridel, V. F. Brotherus (H-BR), H. R. V. Buch, A. K. Cajander, C. Cedercreutz, J. J. Dillenius, O. Eklund, V. E. Erkamo, L. Fagerström, B. Florström, C.R. Fraser-Jenkins, R. Grönblad, L. Hämet-Ahti, E. Häyrén, V. Heikinheimo, C. N. Hellenius, A. Henssen, H. I. A. Hiitonen, T. J. Hintikka, K. E. Hirn, V. I. Hustich, P. Isoviita, J. Jalas, A. Kalela, P. A. Karsten, E. M. L. Kausel, A. O. Kihlman, T. Koponen, A. Koskinen, M. J. Kotilainen, H. Kotiranta, V. Kujala, T. I. K. Kukkonen, T. Kurkela, G. Kvist, I. Kytövuori, G. Lång, M. Laurila, H. Lindberg, S. O. Lindberg (H-SOL), K. Linkola, C. Linnaeus, J. I. Liro, H. Luther, G. G. Marklund, H.A. McCullough, A. J. Mela (Malmberg), J. Montell, J. K. A. F. W. Müller (H-BR), T. Niskanen, A. von Nordmann, D. Norris, J. P. Norrlin, A. E. Nylander, F. Nylander, W. Nylander (H-NYL), P. Olofsson, A. Palmgren, B. Pettersson, S. Piippo, A. Railonsala, V. J. P. B. Räsänen, A. Rauhala, M. Rautanen, H. Roivainen, B. Saarsoo, C. R. Sahlberg, G.W. Scotter, F. W. Sieber, C. -E. Sonck, C. von Steven, J. Suominen, R. K. Tuomikoski, P. Uotila, H. Väre, O. Vitikainen, W. Watts (in H-BR)