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    University of California

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    Brent Mishler, Director,

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    [1] 510 642 2465
    Fax: [1] 510 643 5390

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    University Herbarium
    University of California
    1001 Valley Life Sciences Building #2465
    Berkeley, California 94720-2465


    US 052

  • Specialty

    Geography: Worldwide, with emphasis on California, western North America, Mexico, Andean South America, Pacific Basin, and eastern Asia

  • Notes

    Updated Oct 2017 (correspondent). JEPS housed with UC but not interfiled. Loans automatically pulled from both herbaria. Specimens from Jepson Herbarium should be cited as JEPS.

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

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    Seed Plants
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  • Associated Institution

    Associated garden: University of California Botanical Garden, Berkeley;

  • Incorporated Herbaria

    Algae of AHFH (55 000 specimens), CAS, DS, and MO;
    C. J. Humphrey polypores (2000 types);
    California Geological Survey;
    Epling American Lamiaceae collections of LA in 1977;
    GOD in 2007 and 2009;
    LA bryophytes (2000 specimens) in 2004;
    LAM algae, fungi, bryophytes, and lichens in 2006.;
    LEA mistletoes (Eremolepidaceae, Loranthaceae, and Viscaceae, 12000 specimens) in 2009.;
    M. P. Harthill's bryophytes (22 000 specimens) in 2004;
    MACF bryophytes (15 000 specimens) on long-term loan.;
    part of GMS;
    RSA non-vascular cryptogams (2700 algae, 3000 bryophytes, 20 000 fungi) in 2004;
    U.S. Forest Service Vegetative Type Map Survey;
    UC Botanical Garden Latin American expeditions;
    USC cryptogams in 2004

  • Important Collectors

    A. M. Alexander, R. M. Austin, E. B. Babcock, H. E. Bailey, V. Bailey, M. S. Baker, C. R. Ball, A. A. Beetle, C. Belshaw, W. C. Blasdale, H. N. Bolander, L. Bonar, T. S. Brandegee, K. Brandegee, W. H. Brewer, J. Burtt-Davy, A. Carter, J. Clemens, I. W. Clokey, E. B. Copeland, E. Y. Dawson, V. Duran, S. Earle, C. Epling, W. J. Eyerdam, N. L. Gardner, T. H. Goodspeed, E. L. Greene, H. M. Hall, M. P. Harthill, H. E. Hasse, A. W. C. T. Herre, R. F. Hoover, O. B. Horton, M. A. Howe, C. J. Humphrey, P. C. Hutchison, B. Kasapligil, L. Kellogg, J. Kuijt, E. Lee, J. G. Lemmon, H. Lint, H. L. Mason, T. T. McCabe, F. McFadden, H. E. McMinn, E. D. Merrill, Y. E. J. Mexia, J. L. Morrison, E. Morse, G. F. Papenfuss, H. E. Parks, J. Proskauer, C. A. Purpus, D. R. Reynolds, J. F. C. Rock, E. Rosenstock, R. B. Setzer, H. K. Sharsmith, H. Stork, B. C. Tan, W. R. Taylor, J. P. Tracy, T. E. Weier, J. West, F. Woytkowski