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    Smithsonian Institution

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  • Correspondents

    Eric Schuettpelz, Curator of the Herbarium,

  • Contact

    [1] 202 633 0920
    Fax: [1] 202 786 2563

  • Address

    United States National Herbarium
    Department of Botany
    NMNH, MRC-166
    Smithsonian Institution
    P.O. Box 37012
    Washington, District of Columbia 20013-7012


    US 005

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: All groups (except fungi)

    Geography: Worldwide with emphasis on neotropics, North America, Pacific Islands, Philippines, and Indian subcontinent

  • Notes

    All requests should be sent to Please use this address for parcel and courier delivery: Smithsonian Institution, NMNH, MRC-166, Department of Botany, West Loading Dock, 10th & Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20560, U.S.A. US fungi transferred to BPI. US has collections from U.S. South Pacific Exploring Expedition (1838-1842), U.S. North Pacific Exploring Expedition (1853-1856), LaPlata Expedition (1853-1856), Mexican Boundary Survey (1854-1855), California Geological Survey (1860-1867), International Boundary Commission: U.S. and Mexico (1892-1894), Colombia Cinchona missions (1940-1945), Bureau of Science (Philippines), Harriman Alaskan Expedition, and Regnell Expeditions (Brazil). 66% of the US National Herbarium collections have been digitized (roughly 2.5 million catalog records). 33% have been imaged as well as digitized.

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 244262 244000 45660
    Bryophytes 5476 8821 2085
    Fungi/Lichens 117358 106427 16269
    Pteridophytes 269359 280000 266443
    Seed Plants 2202411 2242328 1407799
  • Date Founded


  • Updated


  • Incorporated Herbaria

    Beaudette Foundation Marine Herbarium;
    cryptogams of Goucher College;
    lichens of MO;
    Mouillefarine Herbarium;
    part of Biltmore Herbarium;
    part of GMS (types and G. J. Hollenberg collections);
    Part of LCU (Cyperaceae);
    part of NTS;
    types of USFS;
    USNC (28000 specimens)

  • Important Collectors

    W. L. Abbott, A. Alfaro, H. A. Allard, Fr. G. Arsène, C. G. Baenitz, M. Bang, R. O. Belcher, B. Berlin, S. F. Blake, L. J. Brass, E. L. Braun, W. E. Broadway, O. Buchtien, W. M. Canby, A. W. Chapman, A. Chase, M. Clemens, O. F. Cook, F. V. Coville, J. Cuatrecasas, A. H. Curtiss, E. Y. Dawson, F. E. Drouet, A. Ducke, W. W. Eggleston, A. D. E. Elmer, A. W. Evans, W. D. Fleming, G. Forrest, F. R. Fosberg, M. H. Foslie, J. C. Frémont, H. G. Galeotti, A. F. M. Glaziou, E. A. Goldman, D. Griffiths, M. E. Hale, O. Haught, A. A. Heller, G. B. Hinton, A. S. Hitchcock, G. J. Hollenberg, A. Jahn, Jr., M. E. Jones, W. A. Kellerman, E. P. Killip, G. Klug, W. N. Koelz, F. Lamson-Scribner, A. B. Langlois, J. B. Leiberg, E. C. Leonard, A. Mann, W. R. Maxon, F. A. McClure, E. A. Mearns, E. D. Merrill, J. T. Moggridge, C. T. Mohr, T. Morong, C. V. Morton, J. C. B. Mutis y Bosio, E. W. Nelson, C. R. Orcutt, E. C. A. Purpus, J. F. Rock, J. N. Rose, H. H. Rusby, P. A. Rydberg, W. E. Safford, J. H. Sandberg, F. R. R. Schlechter, R. E. Schultes, A. F. Skutch, A. C. Smith, H. H. Smith, J. D. Smith, L. B. Smith, L. A. Spetzman, P. C. Standley, E. S. Steele, W. N. Suksdorf, J. R. Swallen, W. R. Taylor, I. F. Tidestrom, A. Tonduz, G. R. Vasey, H. von Türckheim, E. H. Walker, L. F. Ward, S. Watson, I. L. Wiggins, H. Willey, T. A. Williams, E. O. Wooton, C. Wright