National Herbarium of Ukraine, M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

  • Name

    National Herbarium of Ukraine, M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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  • Correspondents

    Sergei Mosyakin, Director of M. G. Kholodny Institute, Head of the Department of Systematics and Floristics of Vascular, (direct and personal email)
    Ludmila Bezusko
    Sergei Kondratyuk, Curator of the Lichen Herbarium (KW-L) and Head of the Department of Lichenology and Bryology,
    Petro Tsarenko, Curator of the Phycological herbarium (Algotheca) (KW-A) and Head of Phycology,
    Vitaliy Virchenko, Curator of the Bryological Herbarium (KW-B)
    Natalia Shiyan, Head Curator of the National Herbarium of Ukraine (KW) and Curator of the Herbarium of Vascular Plants,

  • Contact

    [380] 44 234 51 57
    Fax: [380] 44 234 40 41

  • Address

    National Herbarium of Ukraine
    National Herbarium of Ukraine, M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    2 Tereshchenkivska Str.
    Kyiv, Kyiv 01601

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: All taxonomic groups

    Geography: Worldwide, especially Ukraine (inc. Crimea)

  • Notes

    Updated Jan 2023: In the morning of 10 October 2022, the historical center of the City of Kyiv was hit by several russian missiles. As result, the historical buildings of the M.G. Kholodny Institute of Botany NAS of Ukraine and the National Herbarium of Ukraine (KW) were hit by the shock waves. Both buildings were hit by the shock waves and some fragments of missiles or damaged structures. About 20 windows were destroyed or severely damaged and was discovered several roof leaks (the holes were caused by the missile fragments). In particular, the ceiling in the Lesser Herbarium Hall has been damaged. Currently, the urgent repair of the buildings has been completed, but the repair of the damage is ongoing. (Detail report please see: Updated Nov 2022: An update from the KW Herbarium and our Institute: We were planning to start tomorrow (Wednesday) the serious repair and replacement of windows (damaged during the 10 October 2022 missile strikes) at the Institute of Botany and KW National Herbarium, but now it is hardly possible because the windows company will not be able to work under unstable power supply. The works will be most probably postponed. Updated Oct 2022: Email message received from Dr. Sergei Mosyakin, Director of the M. G. Kholodny Institute of Botany on 10 October 2022, reporting on damage to KW during the recent Russian airstrikes: Mostly windows, roofs, some non-critical structures. Anyway, some serious renovation will be needed before the winter. Right now, no irreversible loss of specimens, no harm to our staff. Our people who today worked here, did some basic repair and cleared the mess are fantastic. Updated January 2022. In addition to the main part, which contains materials of vascular plants, the Herbarium KW includes some important parts (subdivisions) that have a unique abbreviation: KW-M (Mycology Herbarium – Herbarium of Fungi and Fungi-like Organisms), KW-L (Lichen Herbarium), KW-B( Bryophyte herbarium), KW-A (Algotheca), KW-P (Palynotheca). No specimens are currently available for sending on loan; however, images are provided upon request, if available. The exchange of specimens is temporarily unavailable due to changed governmental regulations.

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 32112
    Bryophytes 38617
    Fungi/Lichens 143520
    Pteridophytes 11000
    Seed Plants 2031136 3 4634
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  • Incorporated Herbaria

    Part of CW (materials collected until 1945, among them memorial herbaria of V. Cherniaev (Czernajew) and М. Тurczaninow (Turchaninov));
    Part of the Herbarium of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv (materials collected from 1841 until 1945, among them memorial herbaria of W. S. J. G. von Besser (inc. herbarium of А. Andrzejowski), J. E. Gilibert, P. Rogovich (Rogowicz) and І

  • Important Collectors

    Т. Andrienko-Maliuk, А. Andrzejowski, H. Bachuryna, А. Barbarych, H. Bilyk, Y. K. Boiko, Е. Boissier, Ye. Bordzilowski, Ye. Bradis, А. Buhalo, V. Cherniaev (Czernajew), V. Chopyk, Н. Cuming, A.P. De Candolle, N. Desiatova-Shostenko, Ya. Diduh, D. Dobrochaieva (Dobroczaewa), С. Drège, J. Drummond, M. Dubovyk, О. Dubovyk, І. Dudka, C. Ecklon, М. Fedoronchuk, F.E.L. Fischer, О. Fomin, N. Funck, R. Ganzha, G. Gardner, J.E. Gilibert, Z. Gizhytska, K. Golde, А. Gray, A. A. Grossheim, F. Gryn, V. Hayova, V. Heluta, А. Ilyinska, W. Jameson, G. Karelin, Z. Katina, P. Kirilow, Yu. Kleopow (Kleopov), М. Klokov, N. Kondratyeva, Ye. Kopachevska, М. Kotov, Th. Kotschy, О. Kovalenko, L. Krytska, А. Krаsnova, N. Kuznetsov (Kuznetsoff), H. Kuzniecova (Kuznetsova), М. Kоsets, В. Kоsyh, Z. Lavitska, Ye. Lavrenko, А. Lazarenko, J. Linden, V. Lipsky, V. Lonachevskii (Lonaczewski), N. Loskot-Skrypnyk, О. Lovelius, М. Makarevich, F.A. Marschall von Bieberstein, N. Masiuk (Massjuk), Т. Merezhko, G. F. W. Meyer, Т. Miakushko, S. Morochkovskii, N. Moshkova, T. Nauttel, H. Nevodovskii, J. Paczosky, H. Palamar-Mordvintseva, L. Partyka, H. Pashkievich (Pashkevych), М. Pidoplichko, О. Priadko, V. Protopopova, А. Rakochi (Rakoczi), E. Regel, P. Rogovich (Rogowicz), Ya. Roll, A. Schimper, L.J. Schlim, J.A. Schultes, Yu. Sheliag-Sosonko, M. Shevera, N. Shiyan, І. Shmalhausen, G. Shyriayev (Shiryaev, Širjaev), М. Smitska, L. Smyk, H. Smyk, V. Taliev (Taliyev), О. Topachevskii (Topaczewski), О. Tsarenko, P. Tsarenko, Z. Tsymbalyuk, Yu. Tyhonenko, К. Ulychna, V. Virchenko, O. Visiulina (Wissjulina), W. S. J. G. von Besser, A. A. von Bunge, C. F. von Ledebour, A. G. von Schrenk (Schrenck), О. Vynogradova, N. Wallich, А. Zapiatova, B. Zaveruha (Zaverukha), D. Zerov, М. Zerova, C. Zeyher, H. Zollinger, S. Zyman (Ziman), V. Мontresor (Montrezor), S. Мosyakin, О. Мrynskii, S. Моroziuk, P. Оksiyuk, P. Оpperman, О. Оrlov, А. Оxner, М. Тurczaninow (Turchaninov)