State Museum of Natural History

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    State Museum of Natural History

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    Andriy Novikov, Junior Research Scientist,
    Anastasiya Savytska, Junior Research Scientist,

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    [380] 671 720 263
    Fax: [380] 322 742 307

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    National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
    State Museum of Natural History
    18 Teatralna Street
    Lviv 79008

  • Specialty

    Geography: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary

  • Notes

    Updated March 10 2022: Our collection LWS has over 118K herbarium vouchers collected during the last 200 years. This collection has crucial importance because it hosts many specimens from the Carpathian region. We evacuated type specimens from our herbarium. But, unfortunately, we were unable to relocate the whole herbarium collection due to lack of space and finances. Our herbarium is deposited in metallic boxes that can resist mechanical damage and more or less to the water and humidity. However, these boxes are not temperature-resistant and therefore there is a high risk of smoldering of herbarium specimens inside these boxes in case of fire and high temperatures. It would be great to cover these boxes by fire-resistant thermo-isolation (e.g., by Rockwool RockSlab) to prevent the thermal damage of specimens for the period of war, but we have no such financial possibilities.The collection includes the former Herbarium of Shevchenko's Scientific Society

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  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 47
    Bryophytes 21632
    Fungi/Lichens 1003
    Pteridophytes 0
    Seed Plants 120080
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  • Important Collectors

    V. Chrzanovsky, F. Fojnicki, E. Woloszczak, A. Lazebna, G. Lobarzewski, K. Malinovsky, M. Zinger, V. Melnychuk, F. Herbich, M. Popov, V. Tyniecki, T. Kozij, A. Lazarenko, J. M. Madalski, K. Meyenshausen, K. Ulychna, J. Paczoski, T. Wilczynski, M. Slobodyan