Missouri Botanical Garden

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    Missouri Botanical Garden

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    Jordan Teisher, Curator and Director of the Herbarium, jteisher@mobot.org
    Lauren Boyle, Collection Manager, lboyle@mobot.org
    John Atwood, Curator of Bryophytes, john.atwood@mobot.org

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    [1] 314 577 9578
    Fax: [1] 314 577 0820
    Email: herbarium@mobot.org

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    Missouri Botanical Garden
    4344 Shaw Blvd.
    Saint Louis, Missouri 63110-2291


    US 053

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: Phanerogams; Pteridophytes; mosses

    Geography: Worldwide; Central America (especially Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama), tropical South America (especially Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela), Africa, and Madagascar; North America, Neotropics, Asia (especially China)

  • Notes

    Algae transferred to UC. Fungi transferred to BPI. Lichens transferred to US. Specimens from Traub Herbarium, transferred to MO in 1984, should be cited as TRA. MO library contains more than 200 000 volumes, about 800 current botanical periodicals and approximately 250 000 items in the archives, including letters, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, photographs, and maps. MO maintains a computerized database, TROPICOS, containing information on names and nomenclature, specimens and literature references for vascular plants and mosses worldwide, including images, synonymy, acceptance and authority files at http://www.tropicos.org. Records since 1975 from Index to Plant Chromosome Numbers, now published by MO, are part of database. Flora projects include: Flora of China, Flora de Nicaragua in conjunction with HNMN, Flora of Peru in conjunction with F, Flora Mesoamericana in conjunction with BM and MEXU, Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana, Flora of North America, Catalog of the Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Peru, and Catalog of the Vascular Plants of Ecuador and Catálogo de las plantas vasculares de Bolivia Address for visitors to the Garden (and deliveries that require a street address: 4344 Shaw Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63110).

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

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    Seed Plants
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  • Associated Institution

    Missouri Botanical Garden. Shaw Nature Reserve, P.O. Box 38, Gray Summit, Missouri 63039. Washington University. Saint Louis University. University of Missouri-St. Louis. Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

  • Incorporated Herbaria

    35 000 bryophytes) in 2001;
    (9700) and bryophytes (702) of WARM in 1998;
    bryophytes of DEK;
    bryophytes of LAF (30 000 specimens) in 2002;
    bryophytes of PAC;
    bryophytes of SMS;
    C. F. Reed Herbarium (160 000 vascular plants;
    IBE (estimated 265,000 specimens, not yet accessioned);
    mosses of CM in 1981;
    post-1970 bryophyte collections of BUF on loan in 2002;
    Powell Garden Herbarium (estimated 35,000 specimens, partially accessioned);
    TRA (3000 specimens) in 1984;
    UMO (235,000) in 2015

  • Important Collectors

    L. Abrams, J. G. Adam, B. H. Allen, P. H. Allen, E. Anderson, C. F. Austin, D. F. Austin, C. F. Baker, J. T. Baldwin, J. Ball, M. Bang, J. Banks, H. Barclay, R. D. A. Bayliss, J. J. Bernhardi, F. Blanchard, G. R. Boehmer, W. E. Broadway, S. B. Buckley, B. F. Bush, S. P. Churchill, J. R. Churchill, H. S. Conard, T. E. Croat, M. R. Crosby, G. Davidse, J. Davis, D. Demaree, R. Dressler, J. A. Drushel, J. A. Duke, H. K. D. Eggert, W. H. Emory, G. Engelmann, A. Fendler, J. C. Frémont, J. Gay, A. H. Gentry, A. L. Grant, A. Gray, J. M. Greenman, W. E. Harmon, E. Hassler, Si He, A. A. Heller, A. Henry, G. B. Hinton, A. S. Hitchcock, O. E. Jennings, G. Jermy, M. E. Jones, J. F. Joor, A. B. Katende, J. H. Kellogg, E. P. Killip, B. A. Krukoff, J. Lavranos, G. W. Letterman, D. H. Linder, F. J. Lindheimer, C. F. Ludwin, C. L. Lundell, J. Macoun, R. E. Magill, W. Meijer, Y. E. J. Mexia, F. G. Meyer, V. Mühlenbach, C. R. Orcutt, E. J. Palmer, J. Pawek, E. P. Phillips, G. Pilz, H. F. Pittier, D. M. Porter, S. F. Price, C. G. Pringle, R. A. Pursell, P. L. Redfearn, Jr. , J. H. Redfield, M. Reekman, W. D. Reese, K. R. Robertson, S. A. Robertson, R. J. Rodin, H. H. Rusby, R. W. Schery, F. C. Seymour, F. W. Sieber, J. D. Smith, D. C. Solander, P. C. Standley, R. F. Steinbach, J. A. Steyermark, S. M. Tracy, W. Trelease, E. F. Tyson, D. A. P. Watt, T. O. Weigel, R. Woodson, E. O. Wooton, F. Woytkowski, C. Wright, T. G. Yuncker, G. A. Zenker, O. Zöllner