Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research

  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 1373 100
    Bryophytes 50713 340
    Fungi/Lichens 13910 359
    Pteridophytes 31899 2256
    Seed Plants 220037 25470
  • Date Founded


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  • Associated Institution

    Associated garden: Experimental Gardens, Landcare Research, Lincoln.

  • Incorporated Herbaria

    Armstrong Herbarium (CHBG);
    Laing Algal Herbarium (CANU) on long-term loan.;
    part of CANU (9000 specimens in 2019);
    WELTU (2080 specimens in 2012)

  • Important Collectors

    H. H. Allan, K. W. Allison, J. F. Armstrong, J. B. Armstrong, J. Banks, T. W. N. Beckett, G. Brownlie, G. Buelow, H. Carse, U. V. Cassie, P. Child, J. Child, H. E. Connor, A. P. Druce, E. Edgar, E. A. Flint, D. J. Galloway, P. J. Garnock-Jones, F. G. Gibbs, D. R. Given, E. J. Godley, A. J. Healy, R. M. Laing, B. H. Macmillan, W. Martin, R. Mason, W. McKay, N. T. Moar, B. P. J. Molloy, L. B. Moore, J. W. Parham, B. E. V. Parham, R. N. Patel, A. W. Purdie, F. S. Reed, W. A. Scarfe, G. Simpson, M. J. A. Simpson Bulfin, D. C. Solander, R. Spruce, G. Stevenson Cone, W. R. Sykes, H. Talbot, J. S. Thomson, N. Wace, A. Wall, V. D. Zotov, I. Breitwieser, D. G. Drury, A. J. Fife, K. A. Ford, D. S. Glenny, P. B. Heenan