Western Australian Herbarium

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    Western Australian Herbarium

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    Shelley James, Herbarium Collections Manager, shelley.james@dbca.wa.gov.au
    John Huisman, Herbarium Curator, john.huisman@dbca.wa.gov.au

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    [61] 8 9219 9130
    Email: herbarium@dbca.wa.gov.au

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    Western Australian Herbarium
    Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
    Biodiversity and Conservation Science
    Western Australian Herbarium
    Locked Bag 104
    Bentley Delivery Centre, Western Australia 6983



  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: All groups

    Geography: Western Australia

  • Quarantine Requirements

    Quarantine and Biosecurity restrictions apply for herbarium material sent to Australia and Western Australia. Please contact PERTH (herbarium@dbca.wa.gov.au) before sending any material to receive the current biosecurity guidelines and Declaration and Parcel Label templates. Please also refer to BICON (https://bicon.agriculture.gov.au/BiconWeb4.0) for import requirements (e.g., search for \'herbarium specimens\'). Export or import of Australian native and CITES taxa: Scientific exchange of all CITES listed taxa from and to Australian institutions requires both the Australian and overseas scientific organisation to be CITES registered. Scientific exchange of any Australian native species not listed under CITES requires both import and export institutions to be either CITES-registered or registered with the Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water as part of the Australian Scientific Exchange Program (loan, donation or exchange) for herbarium specimens or samples. For further details visit the following link: https://www.dcceew.gov.au/environment/wildlife-trade/non-commercial/research Researchers intending to visit Australia to collect flora/wildlife should ensure they have the appropriate documented permissions to take and export specimens or samples. Collecting permits for Western Australia: see https://www.dbca.wa.gov.au/licences-permits

  • Notes

    The Western Australian Herbarium stands on Wadjuk Country. Western Australian Herbarium transferred from Western Australian Department of Agriculture in1988 to Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management, and is now part of an amalgamated Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, which includes the former Department of Parks and Wildlife. Additional web site: https://florabase.dpaw.wa.gov.au Please note that PERTH has visitation closures regularly scheduled for March, October and the Christmas-New Year period.

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    Send comment or correction to the Editor of Index Herbariorum

  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 28820 28820 218
    Bryophytes 9632 9632 29
    Fungi/Lichens 50442 50442 371
    Pteridophytes 4188 4188 4188
    Seed Plants 749939 749939 16950
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  • Associated Institution

    Associated universities: University of Western Australia; Murdoch University; Curtin University. Kings Park & Botanic Gardens. Affiliated with the Western Australian Regional Herbaria Network.

  • Incorporated Herbaria

    algae of MURU and CSIRO;
    fungi of Western Australian Department of Agriculture and CSIRO Mycology Herbarium;
    Herbarium Lowerianum;
    most vascular plants, algae and all fungi of UWA;
    Western Australian Museum botanical collections

  • Important Collectors

    R. Brown, C. R. P. Andrews, W. E. Blackall, L. Diels, W. V. Fitzgerald, C. A. Gardner, A. S. George, B. T. Goadby, A. Morrison, E. Pritzel, R. D. Royce