Academy of Natural Sciences

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    Academy of Natural Sciences

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    [1] 215 299 1157

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    Botany Department
    Academy of Natural Sciences
    1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103


    US 044

  • Specialty

    Taxonomic Coverage: All groups, especially Pandanaceae, Rutaceae, Cyperaceae, Polemoniaceae, and Scrophulariaceae; important historical collection of macrofossils; historical collections of bryophytes, fungi, and algae

    Geography: Asian-Malesian-Pacific and Australasian regions, especially peninsular Malaysia; southeastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, northern Delaware, and northeastern Maryland

  • Notes

    Updated Aug 2021 (correspondent change, staff update, statistics update). PH is the oldest institutional herbarium in U.S. It is a national resource for material from 1750-1850, with some dating from as early as 1689. Some historical material restricted; write for information. Microfiche edition and index of presently segregated types and early authentication specimens of vascular plants as well as Barton and Muhlenberg herbaria available.

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  • Number of Specimens


  •   Num. of Specimens Num. Databased Num. Imaged
    Algae 40000 39000 38000
    Bryophytes 80000 56000 42000
    Fungi/Lichens 63000 63000 46000
    Pteridophytes 60000 60000 57000
    Seed Plants 1200000 575000 537000
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  • Incorporated Herbaria

    American Philosophical Society in 1897.;
    PENN (250 000 specimens) in 1974.;
    Transeau Collection of Zygnemataceae (microslides), originally at ARIZ;
    Wagner Free Institute of Science, 4000 bryophytes, general collections from Rachel Littley Botley in 1973

  • Important Collectors

    W. Baldwin, B. S. Barton, J. J. H. de la Billiardière, R. L. Botley, W. M. Canby, W. Clark, S. Elliott, J. M. Fogg, Jr., J. R. Forster, J. G. A. Forster, M. G. Henry, T. Horsfield, A. B. Lambert, C. F. von Ledebour, M. Lewis (PH-LC), B. Long, A. Michaux, J. S. Mill, G. H. E. Muhlenberg, T. Nuttall, N. S. Parmentier, F. W. Pennell, T. C. Porter, F. T. Pursh, C. S. Rafinesque, W. Roxburgh, J. F. Royle, A. von Schlagintweit, L. D. von Schweinitz, C. W. Short, W. Stone, E. Tuckerman, H. A. Wahl, N. Wallich, E. T. Wherry, C. L. P. Zeyher