The C. V. Starr Virtual Herbarium has just added its four millionth specimen! This specimen is a newly described lichen species called Lecanora lendemeri E.Tripp & C.A.Morse. It was named in honor of NYBG’s lichen curator, Dr. James Lendemer.

This is a major milestone for our digitization program and pushes us past the halfway mark for digitizing the entire William and Lynda Steere Herbarium. It hasn’t been easy getting to the four millionth specimen, but we have worked hard over the years to increase our rates. It took us fifteen years to digitize the first million, another five years to hit two million, three more to hit three million, and less than three to reach four million.

Check out the specimen in the Virtual Herbarium or learn more about it in The Hand Lens.

This photo of the specimen in the field was taken by collector of the specimen and one of the authors of the new name, Erin Tripp.

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