Monographs Details: Lecythis persistens subsp. aurantiaca S.A.Mori
Authority: Prance, Ghillean T. & Mori, S. A. 1979. Lecythidaceae - Part I. The actinomorphic-flowered New World Lecythidaceae (Asteranthos, Gustavia, Grias, Allantoma & Cariniana). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 21: 1-270. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Description - Flowers 6-7 cm diam., the androecial hood reddish-orange. Fruits globose to depressed globose, ca. 5 x 5 cm (including operculum), the calycine ring inserted near middle of fruit base, the pericarp ca. 5 mm thick.

Discussion:Lecythis persistens subsp, aurantiaca is difficult to separate vegetatively from subsp, persistens. However, its very large flowers and fruits in combination with its reddish-orange androecial hood allow easy separation of fertile material.

This subspecies may represent a hybrid between L. idatimon and L. persistens.
Distribution:French Guiana South America|