Monographs Details: Corythophora rimosa subsp. rubra S.A.Mori
Authority: Mori, S. A. & Prance, Ghillean T. 1990. Lecythidaceae - Part II: The zygomorphic-flowered New World genera (Couroupita, Corythophora, Bertholletia, Couratari, Eschweilera, & Lecythis). With a study of secondary xylem of Neotropical Lecythidaceae by Carl de Zeeuw. Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 21: 1-376. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Description - Petals red or maroon, not inrolled at their margins.

Discussion:The two subspecies differ in the red or maroon petals of subsp, rubra in contrast to the green, yellow, or white ones of subsp, rimosa. Moreover, the petals of the latter are inrolled at the margins and relatively inconspicuous whereas those of the former are flat and showy. This suggests differences in pollinators. Our data indicates that subsp, rubra is pollinated by robust trigonid bees (Mori & Boeke, 1987), but we are lacking pollinator data for subsp, rimosa. Petals similar in color to, but larger than those of subsp. rimosa are found in the night-flowering, bat-pollinated Lecythis poiteau (Mori et al., 1978). Perhaps the inconspicuous petals of subsp, rimosa are also part of a nocturnal pollination syndrome. See Addendum.

The two subspecies are allopatric. Subspecies rimosa occurs in central Amazonia while subsp., rubra is found in French Guiana and in Amapa, Brazil.
Distribution:French Guiana South America| Brazil South America| Amapá Brazil South America| Pará Brazil South America|