Monographs Details: Costus lima var. scabremarginatus Maas
Authority: Maas, Paulus J. M. 1972. Costoideae (Zingiberaceae). Fl. Neotrop. Monogr. 8: 1-140. (Published by NYBG Press)
Description:Latin Diagnosis - Differt a varietate typica foliis facie superiore laevibus praeter margines costas-que scabras; appendices bractearum scabrae vel laeves. Chromosome number 2n = 18 (Wessels Boer 2462 from Venezuela).

Discussion:Aristeguieta 4604 (VEN), cultivated in the Botanical Gardens at Caracas, Venezuela, agrees in its vegetative parts with C. comosus var comosus; the inflorescence, however, is very much like that of C. lima var scabremarginatus, and the specimen may represent a hybrid between the two closely related species.

Aristeguieta 1703 (NY, VEN) from Río Pangola, Barinas, Venezuela, is intermediate between C. spiralis var spiralis and C. lima var scabremarginatus, agreeing with the first in the shape of the inflorescence and its glabrous leaves, with the latter in the shortly appendaged bracts and leaf-shape.

Four specimens from Peru may belong to this species and represent a distinct variety, characterized by having the upper side of the leaves glabrous. It is represented by Schunke 384 (F), Chanchamayo Valley, 1200 m, Junín, Peru; Vargas C. 3471 (GH, U), Rio Lucumayo, Hacienda Amaibamba, 1700 m, Cuzco, Peru; Martinet 1561 p.p. (P), Vitoc, Peru; Ruiz & Pavon sn (Fl, sterile), Peru, labelled "Costus laevis Fl. Per."

The identity of Cuatrecasas 12865 (US) from Colombia is uncertain (see also under C. juruanus); it may belong to C. lima.
Distribution:Panama Central America| Darién Panamá Central America| Colombia South America| Cauca Colombia South America| Valle Colombia South America| Magdalena Colombia South America| Venezuela South America| Zulia Venezuela South America| Ecuador South America| El Oro Ecuador South America| Los Ríos Ecuador South America| Pichincha Ecuador South America|