Monographs Details: Crataegus occidentalis Britton
Authority: Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden.
Description:Species Description - A shrub or small tree, sometimes 6-7 m. high. Thorns slender, about 3 cm. long; pedicels and calyx pubescent; leaves oval or slightly obovate, irregularly serrate and sometimes slightly lobed, mostly obtuse at the apex, and narrowed or subcuneate at the base, 4-7 cm. long, 3 or 4 cm. wide, slender-petioled, pubescent beneath, at least on the veins ; corymbs several-flowered; flowers about 1.5 cm. wide; fruit oval-globose, about 1 cm. long.


Types in herbarium of Columbia University collected by Prof. E. L. Greene, near Golden, Colo., 1873, along streams, in flower ; on river-bank near the Forks of Dismal River, Hooke Co., Nebr., collected by Dr. P. A. Rydberg, July 11, 1893, in fruit. The species is, perhaps, nearest related to C. tomentosa L. Also collected by Mr. R. S. Williams at Columbia Falls, Mont., May 19, 1897 (Herb. N. Y. Bot. Garden).

Distribution:Colorado United States of America North America|