Monographs Details: Bumelia monticola Buckley
Authority: Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden.
Description:Species Description - A straggling thorny shrub 1-3 meters tall, the petioles, nerves of the lower surface of the leaf-blades and inflorescence sparingly pubescent. Stem clothed with a reddish-brown bark ; leaves stiff; blades spatulate or oblong-oblanceolate, rounded and often slightly apiculate at the apex, slightly revolute, usually acuminate or cuneately narrowed at the base, the nerves prominent and reticulate on the pale under surface, not prominent on the dark green upper surface ; petioles slender, 3-8 mm. long ; fascicles often many-flowered ; pedicels slender, much thickened toward the apex ; sepals suborbicular, about 2 mm. long, the inner slightly broader than the outer ; corolla-lobes suborbicular, a little broader than long, about 1.5 mm. in diameter; appendages lanceolate, rather obtuse ; staminodia ovate-lanceolate obtuse or acutish, less than 2 mm. long: ovary hairy; berries elliptic, 1-1.3 mm. long, often tipped by the persistent style; seeds subglobose, slightly longer than thick.

Distribution:Texas United States of America North America|