Monographs Details: Cyathia melanosperma (Schwein.) V.S.White
Authority: New York Botanical Garden. Herbarium of Dr. Per Axel Rydberg. Purchased, 1899. Contributions from the New York Botanical Garden.
Description:Species Description - Peridia cup-shaped, clustered, 5-7 mm. high, 5-6 mm. wide at the top ; the outer surface brownish and very shaggy ; the inner surface smooth, shiny, dark gray ; mouth straight and slightly fimbriate ; sporangioles black, flattened, about 2 mm. wide ; spores large, 45-55 µ long, 18-45 µ wide, very thick-walled, granular within, hyaline.


The above description is based on Schweinitz's original specimens, which are still in good condition at the Philadelphia Academy of Sciences. This appears to be a rare species, as it is known only from its original collection. It differs from all the following species of Cyanthia which have a smooth inner surface, in having a fimbriate mouth, though Schweinitz in his original description notes that it has a smooth mouth, but he writes that Nidularia stercorea has a fimbriate mouth, which is contradicted by his own specimens.

Distribution:Pennsylvania United States of America North America|