Monographs Details: Cyathia montagnei (Tul. & C.Tul.) V.S.White
Authority: New York Botanical Garden. Herbarium of Dr. Per Axel Rydberg. Purchased, 1899. Contributions from the New York Botanical Garden.
Description:Species Description - Peridia 8-10 mm. high, 6-9 mm. wide at the top, 2-3 mm. at the base, spreading, cup-shaped, reddish-brown outside, closely woolly-tomentose, but not shaggy, rather thin ; inner surface grayish, dull, faintly striate close to the top, not sulcate ; mouth at first curved inwards, then straight, but not recurved, closely and very minutely fimbriate ; sporangioles 2 mm. in diameter, grayish, black, somewhat lighter beneath, dull, flattened, angular ; spores 15-18 µ long, 8-12 µ wide, thick-walled, granular, hyaline.


On the ground and on decaying wood and chips.

This species was originally described from Brazil ; it is readily distinguished from the preceding species: (1) By the faint and only partial striae of the upper part of the inner surface of the peridium, and (2) By the woolly tomentose, and not shaggy nature of the outer coat.

Distribution:Yucat√°n Mexico North America|