Monographs Details: Bryobesia cylindrocarpa M.Howe
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Description:Species Description - Filaments sparingly subdiehotomous, 5-15 mm. long, 75-156 µ. in diameter, very rarely septate, their walls mostly 3-10 µ thick, the branches occasionally with a septum at the base ; sporangia short-cylindric, obovoirt, or cylindric-clavate, 150-450 µ, X 90-180 µ sessile, erect or erecto-patent, constituting one arm of a dichotomy or pseudo-dichotomy, or sometimes apparently terminal, the filament continued by a lateral innovation; zoospores numerous (about 200-500 to a sporangium), ellipsoid or ovoid, 20 40 µ X 20-25 µ.


Green Cay, W. C. Cokcr, June 30. 1903, dredged in 4 fathoms, a small amount of material preserved in formalin. There is a possibility that the plant belongs in Cladophoropsis, but the terminal rather than intercalary sporangia and the large zoospores, on some of which indications of a circle of cilia have been noted, have suggested its reference to Bryobesia, the .Tavan type-species of which it resembles closely, though the Bahamian plant is evidently longer and coarser, with filaments twice as broad.