Monographs Details: Neurocarpus justii (J.V.Lamour.) Kuntze
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Description:Species Description - Neurocarpus delicatulua (Lamour. I Kuntze is of general occurrence in the West Indian region and is to be expected in the Bahamas. It is a much smaller and more delicate plant than Y. Junta, tlio tliallus segments being: mostly only 1-4 mm. broad, while in .V. Justii they are 1-3 cm. broad; when living it commonly shows beautifully iridescent blue-green hues. It grows in sheltered and well shaded places.

Distribution:Great Abaco Bahamas South America| Bermuda South America| Florida United States of America North America| Barbados South America| Santo Domingo Dominican Republic South America|