Monographs Details: Dasya collinsiana M.Howe
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Scientific Name:Dasya collinsiana M.Howe
Description:Species Description - The only specimen seen differs from the Bermudian type in being more laxly branched, in being less manifestly dichotomo-eorymbose, in the more "ocellate" congestion of the ramuli at the apices, and in the lighter cortication. It also bears cystocarps, hitherto undescribed for this species. These are sessile, subspheric-rostrate, 670-920 µ broad, 600-750 µ high (without beak) the beak being 350-500 µ long. In its cystocarps it seems to resemble D. ramosissima, but the ramuli of D. Collinsiana are coarser and more divaricately dichotomous and have a regularly spiral arrangement while those of D. ramosissima are irregular or inclined to be subverticillate.

Distribution:Grand Bahama Bahamas South America| Bermuda South America|