Monographs Details: Porina macrocarpa Riddle
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Scientific Name:Porina macrocarpa Riddle
Description:Species Description - Thallus epilithicus crustaceus uniformis effusus linea nigra limitatus, glaucus virescens aut purpurascens opacus, crassitudine mediocris aut tenuis, continuus laevigatus, olim spermagoniis nigropunetatus. Gonidia chroolepoidea. Perithelia 1.0-1.5 mm. lata, solitaria aut coniiuentia dimidiata, primum immersa leviter convexa dein emergentia elevata conieo-hemisphaerica, basi innata, nigra sat tenue thallino suffusa aut denudata, apice obtuso aut erasso papillate, demum elabentia foveolamqne relinquentia, amphithecio carbonaceo basi defieienti. Paraphyses persistentes tenues simplices. Asci cylindrices 8-spori. Sporae in ascis uniseriales, incolores ellipsoideae, 4-loculares loculis subcylindricis angulis sat rotundatis, 13-16 X 5-7 µ. Spermagonia mediocria nigra apiee emergente denudato. Spermatia iiliformia arcuata, 18-22 X 1 µ.


On limestone, Key View Hill, Vivijagua, Isle of Pines, Cuba (Britton, Britton and Wilson, February 28-29, 1916, 15090, type). Bahamas : on limestone, Cockburn Town, Watling's Island (Britton and Millspa ugh, 6131). Known also from two other stations in the Isle of Pines and from one station in Puerto Rico. The affinities of this snecies seem on the whole to be with the genus Porina, section Sagedia, although it has peculiarities which make its systematic position somewhat uncertain. While the perithecia are for the most part solitary, they occur occasionally completely confluent, except for the papillate tips. Even in these cases, however, there is never any indication of a stroma. The cells of the quadrilocular spores are somewhat more rounded than is typical for Porina. There is no other species with which this is liable to be confused.

Distribution:Cuba South America| Bahamas South America|