Monographs Details: Porina wilsonii Riddle
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Scientific Name:Porina wilsonii Riddle
Description:Species Description - Thallus epilithicus crustaceus uniformis effusus baud limitatus, cretaceoalbus opacus tartareus, crassiusculus continnus laevigatus, spermagoniis copiose nigropunctatus. Gonidia chroolepoidea. Perithecia globosa integra nigra, 0.6-0.8 mm. lata, primum tota immersa maculis nigrescentibus indicata dein semiemergentia, alte convexa, strato tenue thallode fere ad instar pruinae velata, demum apicibus denudatis, ostiolis minutis umbonatis, nunquam elabentia. Paraphyses persistentes tenues simplices. Asci eylindrices 8-spori. Sporae in ascis uniseriales, incolores fusiformes 4-loculares loculis cylindricis, 13-15 X 4-5 µ Spermagonia minuta nigra apicibus emergentibus denudatis. Spermatia recta bacillaria, 3-5 x 1 µ.

Discussion:On limestone, Caleta Cocodrilos, Isle of Pines, Cuba (Britton, Wilson, and Leon March 8, 1916, 15288, type). Bahamas : on limestone, New Providence (Brace, 963$) ; Governor's Harbor, Kleuthera (Britton and 1/ illxpauijh . 5;".iJ). A lichen occurring near the Columbus Monument, Wat ling's Island, and showing spermagonia only, agrees with this species, but the determination can not be considered certain. This species, which I take pleasure in naming in honor of Mr. Percy Wilson, may be distinguished from other species of the section Bagedia, to which it belongs, by the chalky-white, tartareous thallus, and the delicately pruinose perithecia. It bears a strong external resemblance to mamillaris, but can, of course, be at once distinguished by the spores.