Monographs Details: Frullania arietina T.Taylor
Authority: Britton, Nathaniel L. & Millspaugh, Charles F. 1920. The Bahama Flora.
Description:Species Description - Bright green, yellowish green or brownish green, scattered or in loose tufts. Leaves imbricated, the dorsal lobe plane or nearly so, orbicular-ovate, about 1.2 mm. long; lobule inflated in the upper part only, the lower forming a subrhomboidal expansion; leaf-cells with conspicuous trigones, averaging about 30 µ underleaves orbicular, shortly bifid, entire or nearly so; inflorescence paroecious, the saccate male bracts in two or three pairs below the female inflorescence; the latter borne on a short branch ; bracts in one to three pairs, the innermost with ovate, acute, sparingly toothed lobes and similar but narrower lobules ; bracteoles highly connate, bifid with narrow, sharp divisions; perianth oblong with two distinct lateral keels and a broad two-angled ventral keel.

Distribution:New Providence Bahamas South America| Florida United States of America North America|